Line Watcher

Our Line Watcher allows Pro members to set up alerts that are triggered whenever a selected game moves to a desired line at the sportsbooks of your choice. Line Watcher alerts can be setup to track Spread, Moneyline, and Over/Unders for Full Game, 1H, 2H, and Openers. Visit your Settings to edit your email address for alerts.

Edit Your Line Watcher Alerts

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2/23/2017 501 Portland Trail Blazers vs 502 Orlando Magic Add Edit Delete
2/23/2017 503 Charlotte Hornets vs 504 Detroit Pistons Add Edit Delete
2/23/2017 505 Houston Rockets vs 506 New Orleans Pelicans Add Edit Delete
2/23/2017 507 New York Knicks vs 508 Cleveland Cavaliers Add Edit Delete
2/23/2017 509 Denver Nuggets vs 510 Sacramento Kings Add Edit Delete
2/23/2017 511 Los Angeles Clippers vs 512 Golden State Warriors Add Edit Delete
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