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Our Line Watcher allows Pro members to set up alerts that are triggered whenever a selected game moves to a desired line at the sportsbooks of your choice. Line Watcher alerts can be setup to track Spread, Moneyline, and Over/Unders for Full Game, 1H, 2H, and Openers. Visit your Settings to edit your email address for alerts.

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Pending Line Watcher Orders
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Current Games
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10/27/2016 101 Jacksonville Jaguars vs 102 Tennessee Titans Add Edit Delete
10/30/2016 251 Washington Redskins vs 252 Cincinnati Bengals Add Edit Delete
10/30/2016 253 Green Bay Packers vs 254 Atlanta Falcons Add Edit Delete
10/30/2016 255 Detroit Lions vs 256 Houston Texans Add Edit Delete
10/30/2016 257 Seattle Seahawks vs 258 New Orleans Saints Add Edit Delete
10/30/2016 259 New England Patriots vs 260 Buffalo Bills Add Edit Delete
10/30/2016 261 New York Jets vs 262 Cleveland Browns Add Edit Delete
10/30/2016 263 Oakland Raiders vs 264 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Add Edit Delete
10/30/2016 265 Kansas City Chiefs vs 266 Indianapolis Colts Add Edit Delete
10/30/2016 267 San Diego Chargers vs 268 Denver Broncos Add Edit Delete
10/30/2016 269 Arizona Cardinals vs 270 Carolina Panthers Add Edit Delete
10/30/2016 271 Philadelphia Eagles vs 272 Dallas Cowboys Add Edit Delete
10/31/2016 273 Minnesota Vikings vs 274 Chicago Bears Add Edit Delete
11/3/2016 307 Atlanta Falcons vs 308 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Add Edit Delete
11/6/2016 451 Jacksonville Jaguars vs 452 Kansas City Chiefs Add Edit Delete
11/6/2016 453 Detroit Lions vs 454 Minnesota Vikings Add Edit Delete
11/6/2016 455 Philadelphia Eagles vs 456 New York Giants Add Edit Delete
11/6/2016 457 Dallas Cowboys vs 458 Cleveland Browns Add Edit Delete
11/6/2016 459 New York Jets vs 460 Miami Dolphins Add Edit Delete
11/6/2016 461 Pittsburgh Steelers vs 462 Baltimore Ravens Add Edit Delete
11/6/2016 463 New Orleans Saints vs 464 San Francisco 49ers Add Edit Delete
11/6/2016 465 Carolina Panthers vs 466 Los Angeles Rams Add Edit Delete
11/6/2016 467 Indianapolis Colts vs 468 Green Bay Packers Add Edit Delete
11/6/2016 469 Tennessee Titans vs 470 San Diego Chargers Add Edit Delete
11/6/2016 471 Denver Broncos vs 472 Oakland Raiders Add Edit Delete
11/7/2016 473 Buffalo Bills vs 474 Seattle Seahawks Add Edit Delete
Completed Line Watcher Orders
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